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Hickory Dickory

Hickory Dickory

In Hickory Dickory, you will play as a team of mice competing to collect tiles, climb the cuckoo clock weights, find royal relics and complete quests to gain the favor of the all-powerful Lord Cuckoo and ultimately win a feast of berries in your honor! Players will do this by having their mice ride around the clock on the minute hand as it ticks from space to space. On each space the mice on the hand will get the chance to hop off the tip of the minute hand and take that space's designated Action while collecting revealed item tokens from that space. Contents: Clock Board Hands Assembly Hand Space Blockers Side Boards Duel-Layer Hunt Boards 1 Cloth Bag 93 Acrylic Tiles Action Space Tokens Large Mouse Cards Wooden Mouse Meeples Mini Cards 10-Sided Die Tokens and Markers Reference Tiles Vacuum Tray Organizer

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Leeftijd: 10 +

Aantal spelers: 1 - 4 Spelers

Speelduur: 60 - 120 min.