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Big Top

Big Top

Welcome to the Big Top!

Auctions with Bids that Matter

Win auctions. Then, in future auctions, bid specific amounts to make your previous cards score.

Come one, come all to Big Top! Hire the wildest and most wonderful acts to attract crowds of delighted spectators.

In this fast-paced auction game, you’ll be bidding on show-stopping acts for your Big Top to draw in the crowds. Beware - each winning bid will make your competition that much richer.

BUT WAIT - that’s not all! Even the attractions you’ve already won will affect bids in future auctions. For those attractions to score, you'll have to fill in all their circles. Do this by bidding specific amounts in future auctions.

To create the best circus, you'll have to keep a close eye on both your winnings and your opponents' bids!

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Leeftijd: 11+

Aantal spelers: 3 - 4 spelers

Speelduur: 20 - 40 min.