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Everdell Farshore

Everdell Farshore

Everdell Farshore, welcome to the new stand alone game in the world of Everdell!

The Forever Sea is calling...The rugged coast north of Everdell Valley is a land brimming with adventure and mystery. Stalwart sailors search for bountiful islands and valuable treasures. Dutiful monks inhabit abbeys and scriptoriums, meticulously translating and illuminating. Hard-working folk gather resources and build their cities in unison with the ever-changing waves of the mighty ocean.

This is the country of Farshore. Through each season, you will be leading a crew of critter workers to build up a prosperous city and to explore the enchanting ocean beyond. You must plan your actions carefully in order to build and to sail, for only by adapting to the winds of change will you succeed.
The wind is high. The sun is breaking the horizon. It is time to set sail for adventure!

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Leeftijd: 10+

Aantal spelers: 1 - 4 spelers

Speelduur: 45 - 90 min.